Monday, February 25, 2019


Hi friends! I wanted share some of my favorite hair products that help bring this mama's hair to life!

I spray this on my wet hair post shower from roots to ends. I then spray it directly on my hands and run my fingers through just my ends. I noticed a difference in my hair after one use several months ago and I haven't stopped using it since. It just makes it feel so much softer and look less um.. fried - thanks hair straightener..

Spray on damp hair from roots to ends.  For best volume, lift hair away from scalp while blow drying in opposite direction from how you want your hair to lay when you part it. I love the way this smells and it last for something crazy like, 24 hours!

I have tried my fair share of dry shampoos and I have been loving this Dove refresh + care for volume and fullness. It really absorbs the oil in my hair without leaving a white chalky finish. I go a few days between washes  and I wouldn’t want to live in a world without a good can of dry shampoo.

So my hair is that weird in between style where it’s not really curly ringlets but it’s certainly not stick straight either- I kinda have to pick which route I’m going to go for the day and proceed! If I am going to use my curling wand and curly my hair to achieve loose beachy waves, I use this bad boy! It works wonders for my hair to help lock in those curls and give it some serious texture that last. 

I just recently picked up a sample of this at Ulta and it has been a serious game changer. If you couldn’t tell by now, most of the products I use have some sort of something to help provide volume and fullness (thanks post baby hair - my girls are totally worth it but boy did they make me shed some serious amount of hair). The name and branding for this one is right on the money, it legitimately gives your hair a blast of volume and my head of hair is the living proof. If you get one thing from this post, let it be this!

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