Friday, March 15, 2019



As promised, I am sharing all the outfit details so buckle up because this is a lot of information.

I have linked my dress which appears to be sold out in the pink, however, I am obsessed with it in green. I actually purchased this pink one last year and got the green one this year. I felt like I could size down from the pink one I have in a small so I purchase the green in an xs - it was all good until it got to my hip, sooo the xs will be returned for the small. I love the length of this dress, I am 5'6 and really appreciate how long it is in the back especially considering I usually have a child attached to my hip, if not two! The earrings are from Market 32 in Belhaven, NC - I am not sure if they have this exact pair but you should follow them on all form of social media because they have the cutest stuff. I know I saw earrings similar to these recently in their stories or something - so certainly check them out. My shoes are from Target and are a great dupe for the more expensive shoes that are literally the exact some style. The single gold bracelet, and my stack of bracelets are linked as well. The sunnies seen here are the exact same as my black ones in the previous post! I believe this color is sold out but there are several good color options and these are such great quality for the price.

Carson's (my oldest) dress if from- drum roll please.. CRACKER BARREL. Yup, no joke. I purchased it there last year. I don't know that I have seen it recently but they typically have surprisingly cute clothes in there for little girls and boys too for that matter. So go ahead to church Sunday and grab yourself some Cracker Barrel and do a little clothes shopping, ha! Her shoes are a recent Amazon find and I have them linked for ya- her color is ivory. Her bow is linked as well - she has the size: king

Huntley's dress was a gift from Belk that was actually Carson's (I know nothing else about it beyond that- sorry), her bow and shoes are linked.

Okay friends, I think that covers it all. This mama is pooped. Night y'all!

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